RMI Government Implements 0 day pre Travel Quarantine

Kin recommendations ko jen National Disaster Committee (NDC) eo, emoj an Cabinet eo an RMI jolok aikuj eo bwe en wor quarantine mokta jen an juon armej naj ketok nan Majol in. Karok in emoj an ella jen Cabinet ilo kweilọk eo an ine, Monday, 30 May 2022.  NDC ear komelele non Cabinet ke United Airlines ekar kalikar non NDC ejab maron wonmanlok wot kin karak in ‘bubble travel’ eo ibben United Airlines.  Kin menin, ejako an UA kajenolok juon jikin an paajinjia ro an RMI make check in, security check line ejenolọk ilo TSA, etc.  Aolep armej ekopa tourists ro im ro rej ekake nan jikin ko jet, rej koba ibben dron ilo airport eo Honolulu kio im emakitkit ibben dron.

Protocol kaal in ilo an naj ejelok quarantine ilikin Majol ej effective ak jino ilo Monday, 30 May 2022.

PROTOCOL NAN zero (0) days pre travel quarantine:

Mokta jen ekaake im kakolkol ko (Pre-travel staging and testing):

  • Registration nan am maron drelone RMI Safe Travels Program eo
  • Aolep ro rej travel iuwin STP eo rej aikuj in moj im dredrelok aer boki wa in bōbrae COVID-19 ko ekoba booster ko [wa ko im booster ko rej aikuj ko im rej ekkeijed ilo recommendation ko an CDC, FDA, im RMI vaccination task force eo)
  • Teej ak Kakolkol ko nan COVID-19: PCR teej eo eñoul rualitōk (48 hours) awa mokta jen ien ekkāke to nan RMI.
  • Rapid Antigen teej eo (Ag-RDT) joñoul ruo (12) awa mokta jen ien am ketok nan RMI.

Ewor juon eo ej jerbal ippan Safe Travel Program (STP) working group eo nan jiban ro rej pojak in katok nan RMI. Armej in ej jerbal ipan United Airlines nan jiban komakiti armej ro emoj aer clear teej ko aer nan aer ketok nan Majol.

Airport check-in and air travel

Maaj ko im ikkutkut kwal peim rej jet bunton ko im rej aikuj bok jikier ilo aolep tureen makitkit ko an juon riTravel, jen airport eo ilo HNL nan ion baluun eo tok.

Quarantine in the RMI

  • Jikin Quarantine eo ilo RMi ej Kwaj Lodge im Garrison Housing ko ion Kwajalein, Arrak CMI Campus, kab Isolation Ward eo ilo Hospital eo Majuro. Jikin ko jet nan quarantine ej ilo Airport eo im emoj kajenolok e nan Flight Crew Rest im rijerbal ro rej itok nan essential work ko.
  • Ilo Majol in, ej bed wot ilo an joñoul emen (14) raan ilowaan jikin quarantine ko. 
  • Teej ak kakolkol ko nan COVID-19 ilo torean quarantine ko rej rapid antigen (Ag-RDT) ne konaj topar tok Majol im PCR teej ko ilo ien eo konaj topar to Majol ekoba raan jilu (3), raan jijilimjuon (7), im raan joñoul emem (14)
  • Nan lale ne enaj wor kokalle in COVID-19 ko ipan ro ilo quarantine enaj kon juon system na etan SeraAlert Sytstem.
  • Elanne enaj wor nañinmej in COVID-19 ilo quarantine, innem aolep ro im raar epaak case eo ak ro rej jokwe ipan armej eo e positive, naj bed wot ilowaan quarantine joñoul emem (14) raan alikin an kar walok positive case eo.
  • Enaj wor unokan COVID-19 lilok nan ro im ewor border case kein ipper (uno rej anti-retroviral im monoclonal antibodies im rekkar nan case kein)

COVID-19 therapeutics will be offered to border cases of COVID-19 (anti-retroviral and monoclonal antibodies as appropriate)




The RMI Government has eliminated pre travel quarantine outside of RMI

At its meeting yesterday, 30 May 2022, Cabinet approved the NDC’s recommendation to eliminate pre-quarantine requirements outside the RMI.  The ‘travel bubble’ that GRMI had in place at the Honolulu airport i.e. dedicated check in counter, processing through TSA, and dedicated flight for RMI bound passengers only, are no longer in place as United had advised NDC they could not sustain these operations and were stopped a few months back. Members of Cabinet, Nitijela and NDC who have been on recent official travel and returned, advised and confirmed that there is no “travel bubble” at the Honolulu airport as normal operations at the airport have resumed with lots of travelers mingling and mixing in the terminal, through TSA screening, etc.

The outlined protocol below, put together by Director of Public Health (MOHHS) and supported by NDC, is designed to detect border quarantine cases and keep COVID-19 out of the RMI community. These protocols complement operational protocols for running a COVID-19 quarantine and isolation facility.  The following protocols will be applied with the elimination of pre-quarantine outside the RMI, effective Monday, 30 May 2022.

Pre-travel staging and testing

  • Registration with the RMI Safe Travelers Program (STP)
  • All travelers under the STP will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID19 (primary series vaccines and boosters per CDC, FDA and RMI COVID-19 vaccination task force recommendations).
  • COVID-19 testing: PCR within 48 hours of planned departure.
  • Rapid antigen test (Ag-RDT) tested within 12 hours of planned departure.

Testing and coordination of travelers to be facilitated by an external medical provider contracted to the STP.  The provider will also coordinate with United Airlines for individuals cleared to mobilize to the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Airport check-in and air travel

Face masks and good hand hygiene practice are required to be maintained throughout airport transit and air conveyance.

Quarantine in the RMI

  • Current designated quarantine facilities in the RMI include the Kwaj Lodge and Garrison houses on Kwajalein, the Arrak CMI campus (east and west wings) and the Majuro hospital’s COVID-19 isolation ward. Special quarantine facilities include the Amata Kabua International Airports crew rest facility.
  • In country quarantine remains at 14 days of secured and monitored quarantine.
  • COVID-19 testing during this quarantine period includes a rapid antigen test (Ag-RDT) on arrival and PCR tests on days 3, 7 and 14.
  • Symptom monitoring of persons under active surveillance is managed using the SeraAlert system
  • The detection of active cases of COVID-19 in border quarantine will trigger a 14-day period for isolation and quarantine for close contacts.
  • COVID-19 therapeutics will be offered to border cases of COVID-19 (anti-retroviral and monoclonal antibodies as appropriate)