Human Remains Protocol (Repatriation)

1.0 Background
As RMI remains COVID‐19 free and has made strides in COVID‐19 preparedness, including the
establishment of isolation, quarantine facilities as well as testing ability, the repatriation of Human
remains can be accommodated. However, stringent measures will be put into place to ensure public
safety is upheld.


2.0 Pre Arrival
 Confirmation that death is not COVID‐19 related (Medical certificate from attending physician).
-The human remain needs to be embalmed prior to repatriation for preservation.
– Approval from National Disaster Committee – Waiver for entry into the Republic of the Marshall
– Selection of casket is essential and based on wake practices; open casket‐ will require a casket
with glass/plastic enclosure separating the body.
-Casket hermetically sealed for transport.


3.0 Reception Amata Kabua International Airport
-Removal of casket for cargo hold and decontamination by EPA team, bleach 1,000 parts per
million and stand for 30 minutes.
-All handling of the casket in accordance with the RMI‐Airports Standing Operating Procedure
(Current version).
-Customs clearance.
– Cleared for release by family.

4.0 Wake‐ Community and burial.
– Strictly advise no contact with human remains. If hermetic seal broken and casket opened‐ The
glass enclosure will need to be decontaminated by Alcohol > 60% by EPA.
-As RMI is currently COVID‐19 free, there are no restrictions for the burial rites.