Neighboring Island COVID19 Preparedness Plans Workshop with Mayors

April 28, 2020 –

Workshop Objective

The National Disaster Committee, chaired by the Chief Secretary is responsible for the development of a National Plan to respond to potential COVID-19 in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has initiated the Cluster groups comprising of WASH, Health, Logistics, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Food Security, Gender and Protection, Shelter, and Education to lead and advise the NDC on implementation of activities to respond to potential COVID-19 in the RMI.

The NDMO in its capacity as focal point for coordination, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Banking, and Postal Services, will meet with all mayors.  This workshop will provide a venue to introduce the concept of having a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan tailored to the specific needs of each atoll and island.

The objectives of the workshop, therefore, are: 

1) to provide an overview of actions taken by GRMI to address the potential threat of COVID-19;

 2) to provide an update on the overall COVID-19 budget; and 

3) to ensure that the Local Governments are aware of GRMI’s National Response and Preparedness Plan to COVID-19 and to further build on and tailor the activities proposed by the Clusters to ensure that their unique needs are captured and aligned with the National Response and Preparedness Plan of the GRMI.

Workshop Outcome

At the end of the two-day workshop, each Local Government will have a plan specifically for their atoll/island that is aligned with the GRMI’s National Response and Preparedness Plan to COVID-19. Additionally, each Local Governments’ plan and valuation of these plans will then be consolidated into the National Plan to ensure that efforts, action items, and resource allocation are not duplicated.