The National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) will held an NEOC Workshop on Thursday September 18, 2020 from 9:00am to 3:00pm on Eneko Island. The overall purpose of the NEOC workshop was address current gaps and areas in need of improvement, utilizing the COVID19 Tabletop Exercise (TTX) and Simulation results. It was also a time that the cluster leads and their coleads were able to look back at their TORs for NDC endorsement at a later date.

The Objectives of the workshop were:
1) Review TTX and Simulation Recommendations and action plans – update all progress – see attached (please read prior to the workshop)
2) Review all Terms of Reference (TOR) and update – ensuring that there are empowered co-leads
3) Review and solidify the communications flow and expectations between NDC and NEOC and the clusters – addressing the communications recommendations form the TTX and Simulation
4) Review Monitoring Framework for COVID-19 response and update, confirm regular schedule for reporting and presentation to NDC.  

The participants found the workshop productive and will continue to work towards strengthened coordination and communications.

The workshop was supported and facilitated by the International Organization for Migration.



Kotak Dron Concert


It was an event aimed to express support to all the Marshallese living abroad that are impacted by the COVID19 Pandemic. The Kotak Dron Concert was held on August 29, 2020 at local business man, Mr. Jerry Kramer, owner of Pacific International Inc.  compound at Rairok Village. In addition to the local popular bands and artists that performed that day, video clips of the Council of Iroj (House of Chiefs) speaking and supporting Marshallese abroad, lead responders from the Ministry of Health and Human Services, as well as off island testimonies were also featured at the event.


“Our team was involved in the production of the miss Marshalls pageant; the views for that event set the benchmark at around 10,000 live views. For KOTAK DRON concert, we had a goal of reaching that number or at least coming as close to it as we could. I’m glad to report that not only did we reach that goal but we surpassed that number three folds with nearly 30,000 viewers tuned in during the live feed!” said lead organizer and the mind behind the amazing event, Mr. Daniel Kramer. “We received nearly 2,000 comments. I have not read them all but most that I did read have all been very positive feedback… overall I think it’s safe to say that the show was a smashing success!”, Mr. Kramer reported in an email thanking the major sponsors of the event.


The National Disaster Committee/National Emergency Operation Center is one of the Major Sponsors for the event. Chief Secretary and Chair for the National Disaster Committee Kino S, Kabua wrote “There’s no express bigger than ‘Komool Tata’ in the Marshallese language. Thank you for making this happen but most especially- thank you for caring” in an email to Mr. Kramer.


The Kotak Dron Concert was cohosted by Miss Marshall Islands Billa Peter, Clerk of the Council of Iroj Mr. Melvin Majmetto, and Mr. Alson Kelen of Waan Aelon in Majol Canoe Project. The Concert was the first of its kind in the Marshall Islands and the NDC looks forward to more collaboration such as this to help support our Marshallese Citizen during these uncertain times.



The Government of the RMI conducted its first and second day of a full scale exercise on COVID-19.

(August 12-13 2020)

The full scale exercise, comes as a major preparatory activity that is essential as the government begins its consideration of repatriating RMI citizens from COVID-19 affected countries. The exercise will include 2 days of table top exercise and the live simulation will take place on August 14.

The exercise began with the development  of COVID19  scenarios that would test and examine national protocols that are set in place for if and when COVID19 arrives in the RMI.

Approximately 200 people signed up during the first day. 100 plus more than was expected! The second day was approximately 200 plus the Kwajalein  Emergency Operations Center group who arrived on the 2nd day.

The Table Top Exercise include all NDMO Clusters  and working groups, as well as Kwajalein Emergency Operation Center (KEOC), Points of Entry Working Group, Decontamination Task Force, and the National Emergency Committee (NDC). 

There is currently no confirmed case of COVID-19 in the RMI.