Kwar Ke Jela Facebook Live Talk Show

COOP kids among first 5 to 11 year old children to get vaccinate. Following their vaccination on 19 November 2021 at the Majuro Hospital, 4 of the kids came to an interview at the Office of the Chief Secretary. 

Title: Let’s Get the Kids Vaccinated part 2

Guests: Dr. Underwood , & Coop Students: JJ Jorbon, Eleo Reiher, Aiden Hickson, and Madaya Paul

Main Points:

–          Encouraging the public to get Children 5-11 years             vaccinated

–          Its safe to do so (share testimonies from kids)

–          Provide school roll out plans

Listener Questions:

  1. Is it riskier for youth to get the vaccine? What are some of the side effects?
  2. How many children from ages 5-11 have been vaccinated so far?
  3. Which schools will the vaccination program go to and what are the dates?
  4. How many doses do children have to take?

Desired Outcome: To encourage the Marshallese public to vaccinate the children population in country through providing scientifically based information and personal testimonies.  

Dr. Underwood came on to encourage the vaccination of Children 5-11 years of age
with scientific facts and information from the Health professional perspective.

The Office of the Chief Secretary would like to thank this week’s guests : Dr.
Underwood from the Ministry of Health and Human Services , & Coop Students: JJ
Jorbon, Eleo Reiher, Aiden Hickson, and Madaya Paul, the parents of the students and
COOP School for letting the children come on our talk show! They did amazing!