The Government of the RMI conducted its first and second day of a full scale exercise on COVID-19.

(August 12-13 2020)

The full scale exercise, comes as a major preparatory activity that is essential as the government begins its consideration of repatriating RMI citizens from COVID-19 affected countries. The exercise will include 2 days of table top exercise and the live simulation will take place on August 14.

The exercise began with the development  of COVID19  scenarios that would test and examine national protocols that are set in place for if and when COVID19 arrives in the RMI.

Approximately 200 people signed up during the first day. 100 plus more than was expected! The second day was approximately 200 plus the Kwajalein  Emergency Operations Center group who arrived on the 2nd day.

The Table Top Exercise include all NDMO Clusters  and working groups, as well as Kwajalein Emergency Operation Center (KEOC), Points of Entry Working Group, Decontamination Task Force, and the National Emergency Committee (NDC). 

There is currently no confirmed case of COVID-19 in the RMI.