Do you qualify?

The RMI Government has set aside some fund to assist stranded citizens abroad who have been affected by the border shutdown. Management of fund is rolled out by the Office of the Chief Secretary (OCS) based on eligibility criteria set forth by the National Disaster Committee (NDC), which are as follows:


Eligibility status

If you already contacted the RMI Consulate in Honolulu or the Office of the Chief Secretary in Majuro,  an identification code would have been provided to you. Use this identification code find out your Qualification status below
*If you do not know your identification code, please contact the RMI Consulate in Honolulu  or the Office of the Chief Secretary. Refer back to Qualifications flier in the section above.
View Status (as of 09/22/2020)


If your Qualification Status states “ELIGIBLE”, please fill out the Payment Method Form below

Payment Form