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The NDMO is responsible to the Chief Secretary for the identification, development, and implementation of disaster management programs, and for the maintenance, testing, and review of disaster management plans and operational procedures used within RMI.


If you are in need of urgent assistance please phone one of the emergency services listed here.

Majuro Hospital COVID19 Hotline:








If you are in need of urgent assistance please phone one of the emergency services listed here.






Confirmed Border Cases at USAG-KA 01/05/2022

January 14, 2022



Latest Press Releases

Quarantine Cases of COVID-19 Cases on Kwajalein (USAG-KA)

37 passengers repatriated under USAG-KA’s repatriation program, arriving on Kwajalein on a Military flight on 1/4/2022. This morning, USAG-KA command reported 3 individuals tested positive for COVID-19. These 3 cases represent border quarantine cases of COVID-19. All 37 passengers are fully vaccinated and remain asymptomatic. In addition, all individuals are currently undergoing secure and monitored quarantine. USAG-KA is working closely with the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (GRMI)/ NDC and MOHHS to monitor the situation and all steps are being taken to have these cases remain isolated from the community per the joint Quarantine protocols. At the present time, there are no restrictions in travel to and from Kwajalein; and the public is asked to remain calm. The NDC has decided that it will not use the flag system to indicate border cases, but rather through the press and media channels. In the meantime, residents are encouraged to be fully vaccinated and take boosters when eligible.

//END Covid-19 Case Ko Bauri ilo Jikin Quarantine eo ilo Kwajalein (USAG-KA) Ilo raan eo inne Juuje January 4, 2022, ekar wor jiliñuul-jiljilimjuon (37) bajinjea rar itok ilo repatriation program eo an USAG-KA, ak program in korooltok armij eo an USAG-KA, nan aelon in Kwajalein ilo baloon eo USAG-KA ej kōjerbale.

Jibboñin rainin, jeban eo an USAG-KA ekar kwalok ke ewor jilu (3) armij ro ewor kij in COVID-19 ippeier ālikin aer bōk kakōlkōl ko. Border case kein jilu (3) rej bed im kwon wot ilowaan jikin quarantine.

Aolep bajinjea rein 37 emōj an uñ aer wā im rejjab nañinmej ilo tōre in. Bareinwōt, rej aolep bed ilowaan jikin quarantine im ewor ej monitor ak etale aer bed jen ien nan ien.

USAG-KA ej jerbal iben Kien eo an Majol im National Disaster Committee (NDC) eo, ekoba Ministry eo an Jikin Ājmour ilo jerbal in lolorjake bwe en ejjelok rolok im aolep buñten ko kemelet ilo protocol ko ren lori ilo an armij rein 3 bed im make iaer iloan jikin quarantine.

Ilo tore in, aolep armij rej maroñ wōt emmakitkit jen Kwajalein nan jabrewot jikin ibelaakin Majōl in ilo ejjelok uwata. Naan in rejañ ñan kōjwoj bwe jen bed wōt ilo aenemman im jokane.

Emōj an NDC karōke bwe ejamin kōjerbal fag ko nan komeleleik public elañe ewor border case ak kij in Covid-19 ko bauri iloan jikin quarantine jen kio im ilok. Ijowotke, renaaj karoñ ak kennaanek armij ilo radio, newspepa kab social media. Bar juon alen, rejan kijwoj aolep bwe jen jab bed aibedbed ak jen jibadek MOHHS ak Jikin Ājmour eo im buki wā ko ñan bōbrae nañinmej in Covid-19 ekoba wā in booster eo. //JEMLOK//




College of the Marshall Islands signs Land Use Agreement with RMI Government

January 14, 2022

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CMI Signs LUA for new quarantine site

On 30 November 2021, the Chief Secretary and Chair of the National Disaster Committee Ms. Kino S. Kabua signed a Land Use Agreement (LUA) with the College of the Marshall Islands President Dr. Irene Tafaaki. The signing of the LUA officially kicked started one of the RMI Government’s long awaited project, the New Arrak Quarantine Center.


“As long as the (RMI) borders are closed, we will still need to quarantine people coming in” said Chief Secretary Kabua “… and “I want to thank college especially the leadership. They have been really supportive of NDC activities since the beginning of the SOE. This new LUA that we are about to sign, will dedicate a separate space outside the Wet and Dry lab  for our new quarantine center.”.



The signing of the LUA will allow a new 10 room facility in Arrak to be built on CMI 1.5 acres of land. Dr. Irene Tafaaki stated that CMI understands the GRMIs urgent need for a quarantine center and that is what the LUA is for, but she is also happy that the “eventual” return of the Wet and Dry Lab (the 2 story building currently used for quarantine at Arrak) is something the College looks forward to as it will immensely help the college continue some of its much needed programs.  “The release of the Wet and Dry Lab eventually will enable us to continue with some of the research commitments that we have made particularly to COM Land Grant that the College is part of and also it will enable us to have new research facilities that have been promised to us if we can release the space.” She continued to say “we know that this COVID pandemic and future pandemics are is not part of community’s problem, it’s all of our problem and the solution is with all of us.”


Also present at the signing ceremony was Secretary for the Ministry of Finance, Banking, nad Postal Services Mr. Patrick Langrine, CMI Board Chair Ms. Kathryn Relang, CMI’s Mr. Emil de Brum, Deputy Chief Secretary Abacca Anjain Maddison.

The NDC would like that recognize and thank the College of the Marshall Islands and its Board of Regents for their continued support during this pandemic.


November 30, 2021



Latest Travel Advisory 33: November 30th, 21 Latest


Emergency Orders

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November 29, 2021

Kwar Ke Jela Facebook Live Talk Show

COOP kids among first 5 to 11 year old children to get vaccinate. Following their vaccination on 19 November 2021 at the Majuro Hospital, 4 of the kids came to an interview at the Office of the Chief Secretary. 

Title: Let’s Get the Kids Vaccinated part 2

Guests: Dr. Underwood , & Coop Students: JJ Jorbon, Eleo Reiher, Aiden Hickson, and Madaya Paul

Main Points:

-          Encouraging the public to get Children 5-11 years             vaccinated

-          Its safe to do so (share testimonies from kids)

-          Provide school roll out plans

Listener Questions:

  1. Is it riskier for youth to get the vaccine? What are some of the side effects?
  2. How many children from ages 5-11 have been vaccinated so far?
  3. Which schools will the vaccination program go to and what are the dates?
  4. How many doses do children have to take?

Desired Outcome: To encourage the Marshallese public to vaccinate the children population in country through providing scientifically based information and personal testimonies.  

Dr. Underwood came on to encourage the vaccination of Children 5-11 years of age with scientific facts and information from the Health professional perspective.

The Office of the Chief Secretary would like to thank this week’s guests : Dr. Underwood from the Ministry of Health and Human Services , & Coop Students: JJ Jorbon, Eleo Reiher, Aiden Hickson, and Madaya Paul, the parents of the students and COOP School for letting the children come on our talk show! They did amazing!





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