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The NDMO is responsible to the Chief Secretary for the identification, development, and implementation of disaster management programs, and for the maintenance, testing, and review of disaster management plans and operational procedures used within RMI.

RMI COVID-19 DashBoard: 02 August 2022



If you are in need of urgent assistance please phone one of the emergency services listed here.

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If you are in need of urgent assistance please phone one of the emergency services listed here.






Majuro COVID19 Community Transmission

August 8, 2022

Key Message from the RMI Office of the President

For Immediate Release 8 August 2022   Key Message from the Office of the President   “Iokwe and Greetings to All, Firstly, I wish to thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us with our beautiful island home, the Marshall Islands, for life and for good health.

I take this opportunity to pay utmost respect to you my fellow Marshallese citizens here in the Marshall Islands and as well all of you abroad. At this time, I have the duty to inform the general public that as of earlier this evening at 6:00 pm, the Ministry of Health has confirmed six cases of Covid-19 diagnosed here in Majuro. All cases are from individuals within the community and thus represent community transmission.

These individuals presented with mild symptoms e.g. sore throat, runny nose, etc. to the out-patient department of the Majuro Hospital.

Furthermore, while all cases notified today have been localized to Majuro, the MOHHS, however, cannot rule out the possibility of transmission outside of Majuro.

The National Conditional Level Red has been activated. This denotes a condition of community transmission of Covid-19.


The public should rest assured that the Ministry of Health & Human Services (MOHHS) and the whole government under the umbrella of the National Disaster Committee has been planning for this situation for some time. The MOHHS has already initiated the re-orientation of health services on Majuro to respond to this epidemiological situation and the various clusters under the NDC have also been activated.

As a containment measure, all travel to the Neighboring islands has been temporarily suspended. All members of the community are encouraged not to panic. Individuals who have been vaccinated and boosted typically experience mild symptoms and have significant protection against severe disease and death. General measures the public needs to employ include;  
  • Wearing face masks in public places both indoors and outdoors.
  • Practice good hand hygiene.
  • Avoid crowds and stay six feet away from others when in public.
  • Get vaccinated and boosted.
  • Access therapeutics (especially if advised by health professionals).

Alternative Care Sites will be established in the community around Majuro in the coming days. The sites will serve as community test and treat facilities, where individuals can access Covid-19 testing and treatment. Effective therapeutics are available and will be offered to individuals at a moderate to high risk of severe disease. Public cooperation is essential at this point in time.”


Travel Advisory 41

August 2, 2022



Latest Travel Advisory 41: 29 July 22


Emergency Orders

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Public Announcement

June 24, 2022

Safe Travels Program Announces No July Registration Due to June Overspill

Ilo juon kweilọk an National Disaster Committee eo ilo jinoin June 2022 eo, jet week alikkin an kilok registration link nan Program in Karool tok Armej nan allon in June, ear allikar ke oran armej ro raar maroñin register in rool tok ilo allon in June eo ear lukun lon im obrak jen jonaan jikin quarantine ko Aelon Kein.

  Ilo an driwoj Link in Register eo an June ilo raan in kar 20 May 2022, STP working group eo ear loe jonan an lon jen jonan armej raar register itubwilijin 4 wot awa ko. Kon men in ear allikar ke emenin aikuj bwe Link in Register eo en kilok. Ear bar allikar ke jonan armej eo ear lap an lon jen jonan jikin quarantine ko ilo Kwajalein im Majuro kon jonan in 40-50 armej.   Waween in ear walok kon jet un ko im jaar jab maroñin loi ilo tore eo ear belok registration enot: Ilo an armej register, ej walok wot etan armej eo ej kanne online form eo, ijoke, emaroñ wor armej rej dependent im kamman bwe en lon lok jen juon armej ilo registration form; bar juon un ej an kar kilok jet room in quarantine ko ilo ion Kwajalein en im kamman bwe en ieet jikin jokwe jen oran ro raar register nan rool tok ilo June.   Kon men in, ewor ro im raar register im emoj aer kollaik wonean quarantine ko aer nan June ak raar jab maroñin itok, emoj lelok er nan allon in July kon tarrin in 40 lok nan 50 armej ro. Ilo an NDC kile ke elap an ieet jikin quarantine ilo Majol in, jerbal in kapok jikin quarantine bwe en maroñin rool tok aolep ro nukur im mottar ej wonmaanlok wot ilo tore in.   Aolep ro raar konaan register in rool tok ilo allon in July naj aikujin kōttar nan driwojtok eo an Registration Link eo an August. Kotemen bwe link in enaj driwoj tok ilo allon in July.   Kajitōk kijenmej im burokuk eo an ao aolep ilo an group in jerbal, ilo ad kōjparok jukjuk in bed ko ad ilo Aelon Kein.   Nan melele ko, jouj im loe lok im lale


In a National Disaster Committee Meeting held in the early days of June 2022, a few weeks after the June registration link for the month of June was closed, it became apparent that the amount of people registered to return with in the month of June, was so much more than the amount of quarantine spaces in the RMI.


When the Registration Link for June came on 20th of May 2022, the STP working group saw a surge in registrations after the link was posted, forcing the team to close the registration link in just 4 hours. The surge in registration indicated that more people had registered than the amount of quarantine spaces available in Kwajalein and Majuro.

  The June overspill of registration issue was due to contributing factors such as that when someone registers, their completed forms also contained within it, a list of dependents that are to travel with the registeree, causing what looks like one registration form to actually contain 1 or more other people within the registration. As well, closure of previously used quarantine spaces in Kwajalein are now closed and not able to accommodate the usual amount of people as previous incoming STP groups.   With this, not all persons registered to arrive in June were able to be confirmed. Those 40-50 people were pushed back to the July STP group thus taking up the spaces for July’s incoming group.   People interested in entering the country in July will now have to register for the August STP group. Link for August Registration is anticipated to be released towards the end of July.   The NDC and Safe Travels Working Groups asks the public for continued support in ensuring safety for the RMIs communities.   Please visit for information on the RMI’s Safe Travels Program. //END//

Latest Travel Advisory

June 1, 2022

Travel Advisory 39: 31 May 2022


Emergency Orders

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